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Tagelus Sand Filter

Tagelus filters remove particles large and small…so small that many are undetectable by the human eye, but in quantity make water cloudy. The reason thousands of Tagelus filters have been installed by pool professionals worldwide is their consistency of performance over time. Plus, they go about their work without making work for you.


IntelliChlor Salt Generator

Your pool is your backyard oasis. Now, you can turn it into a spa-like experience with crystal-clear water that feels smooth and silky to the touch. With the IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator from Pentair, ordinary table salt is converted into pure chlorine safely, effectively and automatically. You’ll be able to see and feel the difference.


MagicStream Laminar Deck Jets

MagicStream Laminars create totally clear, uniform arcs of moving water that originate from either your pool deck or surrounding landscape. At night, these translucent streams are brilliantly colored with an energy-efficient LED light source. The result is a water effect that adds an elegant bit of entertainment to your poolscape.


ColorVision Bubblers

The ColorVision® Bubbler goes from a spectacular display of moving water to a lighted, magical escape with separately sold GloBrite® LED Lights. Whether you’re in the mood to relax or entertain, ColorVision bubblers are the perfect way to showcase and enhance pool features like sun shelves, steps and beach entries. Their low voltage and minimal water flow requirements make them an ideal, energy-efficient addition to pools, fountains, ponds and more. Plus, they add eye-catching style and soothing sound to heighten your senses and elevate  your aquatic experience


Screen Logic

Along with your mobile digital device, imagine monitoring and controlling your pool and spa from an Apple Watch® wrist wearable device. Or having Alexa® activate your spa or water feature circuits or tell you the status of your pool with a simple voice command from your Amazon Echo® or Google Home® smart speaker. IntelliTouch and EasyTouch with ScreenLogic Interface lets you do that…and more. No other pool or spa control device offers such convenience.

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